Online Business Tips For New College Graduates

From Italy to the USA, there are countless opportunities to learn how to earn a legitimate source of residual income after you graduate and enter the ‘adult world’.

As of late there are hundreds of new business models that were not available a hand full of years ago. We can thank the Internet for the beginning of this new way to do business and communicate with a global economy.

If you are currently in college, preparing yourself to take on the workforce is important for your development as a professional to recognize the new trends and learn how to take advantage of them. With the advent of the network marketing success guides in the most lucrative business model in the world (MLM), it is important you learn from the experts as soon as possible to avoid timely mistakes and costs.


Online marketing enables an entrepreneur to interact with a vast number of customers both nationally and internationally with different wants and needs. Plus doing business online is less risky than investing in an office or a warehouse.
Working on developing your online business ideas primarily requires one to be equipped with great communication skills and basic knowledge of website maintenance. Online marketing supports both large and small business entrepreneurs regardless of their capital requirements.

Online Business Tips For A Hungry Entrepreneurs

The following tips can help a new entrepreneur who wishes to take his/her online business ideas to greater heights of being multinational:

First the entrepreneur should be specialized since online business ideas offers a platform of reaching clients from all the corners of world, in other words the internet have made the world a global village. This means that by conducting an online business you can afford to specialize in any area, primarily on your areas of expertise. By doing business online one can also integrate software to the business, for instance e-commerce software that makes all the departments of your business connected smoothly and flow together.

Secondly, as a new online business entrepreneur is almost essential to have a website. When working on your website/portal you should design a site that is attractive to the eyes using life colors that match the theme of your business. There are also social media groups on Facebook you can join that are all about doing the right thing the right way. Yevo Health Foods is one example of that for more research.

Also don’t forget to make the social media your core partners in the business ventures, this includes twitter and Facebook, since most of your clients have Facebook and twitter accounts, also request your staff members to have Facebook and twitter accounts.

It is always wise for students to begin a daily journal of thoughts and feelings towards what they want to accomplish in life after school. Using the KALATU blog platform can be great for everyone who is interested in piecing together their puzzles of life with a sophisticated system and training education.

In addition, affiliate marketing can help your business grow at a rapid rate, do not just let your customers review your website for free, word of mouth is one of the best strategies to market your business, so it’s a great idea to offer affiliate options for people and customers to promote the business.

Last but not least, you can also help your business developing an app that will allow for your customers to find you on any device. Mobile applications are becoming more popular than ever and most people are willing to pay large amount of money to manage their lives via smart phones.

Shopping For The Proper Student Training

If starting an online business is something that is triggering your interest but you don’t know where to start yet, it will be a good idea to get involve with a training course that will teach you exactly how to market and the diverse options one has to expose a business online.

There are multiple programs that offer the proper training to teach you the latest marketing strategies, but one we know that seems to be working well for thousands of entrepreneurs is cashback shopping rewards by Dubli Network. Team WUKAR is responsible for helping people find jobs and joys that pay it forward when it comes to being a small business entrepreneur online.

Getting around the experts will help you learn how to grow your business ten times faster than trying to be a caveman or hermit and do it solo dolo.

This is a marketing system that has been around since 2011 and has brought a positive twist to the industry of marketing and promoting an online business.

Torino Students Turn to MOBE For Side Income

torino small business

Torino students are discovering there are better (and smarter?) ways to make money while attending college than working at the local coffee shop.

My Online Business Empire (or MOBE) is the number one internet marketing training in Europe today.

And, by several accounts, it seems the giant has hit Torino and the college scene.

No, this is not a new “rave drug” but rather a new “side hustle” that many students are using to increase their earnings. After all, they say, the money is better with MOBE (see a first-hand review here) than it is in their bank accounts.

Here is the MOBE summary:

In order to use it to your benefit, it is first important that you understand how to use it correctly. The first thing that you need to do in order to make money with MOBE is to buy the product. To do this, you simply visit the website to set up an account and provide them with your information, and get the products.

You will set up a user ID as well as provide them with your email address. After you have finished the process, you will then be asked to verify your email address. After your email address has been confirmed, you will be able to login to the website.

When you join, you are most likely starting out as a standard member. You will probably want to add to website to your favorites list because you will be visiting here at least once a day. Depending on your membership status, there will be a minimum of four ads that you can click on each day, and if you continue to visit the website throughout the day, you may see that there are even want ads available at any given point in the day.

There are also two different types of ads that are available on the website as well. A one cent add and a half cent mini ad. There are only a certain number of clicks available for each ad and the many ads fill their quotas fairly quickly. This means that you need to be present and login when they had become available so that you can click on it and earn money with it.

After you login to will be a section at the top that says few advertisements. This will also show you how many ads are available to you currently. Above this, next to your username, you will also see a section that shows how much money you have available through the website.

After you have finished viewing your ad, you will need to make sure that you wait until the page validation box appears. Then you can carry on to the next as and continue using the website. The entire process only takes a matter of minutes a day in order to make the money that is available to you.

You can also make money from this website by getting referrals. Referrals are a fantastic way to make even more money with MOBE and are really the thing that you need to do longer to make a substantial amount of.

Referrals are people that you have referred to the website have signed up for people who you have are intended for the purpose of gaining commissions off of what they click. It is important to maintain a healthy supply of referrals in order to make the most of your membership through MOBE.

You should also keep in mind that you are required to click at least four ads each day in order to receive the earnings that you are owed through your referrals. However, there are certain days when you are unable to click you can set them up as vacation days.

This allows you the opportunity to maintain the earnings she would have received from your referrals and not be forced to click on a specific day. When you are beginning your journey with MOBE, it is important that you learn everything you can about it so that you know how to use it properly.

Think of it like a poor-mans iPas, a brain child marketing funnel inside Empower Network. Or a community to learn about internet marketing.

Is it worth it? If you’re a “risk-taker“,  (awesome video) it just might be.

Elisabetta Vito is a junior international business student at Universidade Torino.

The views expressed in this article are not endorsed by Universidade Torino. All opinions are those of the students of Universidade Torino.